with Robert Chapla

This is a class for those interested in developing skill and techniques for painting on sites outdoors. The instructor will demo and teach primarily using oil paints, but it is also possible to use acrylics or watercolor. The first class will meet at Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall where materials and methods will be discussed as well as questions answered. A painting will be done at this class outdoors in and around that site. Locations for future painting sites will be established. Participants will need an easel suitable for outdoor use, set of oil or other paints, brushes, odorless turps and bottle for them (if using oil paints), rag or paper towels, and small canvas or board to paint on. E-mail rchapla@gmail.com with questions.

Tuesdays, APR 21 - May 19 | 1 - 5pm

Cost: $88
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