with Ed Kadnuc

This class is designed for all levels in watercolor and is focused in recognizing and establishing the basic and fundamental techniques, materials, and tools of watercolor painting. Students will explore preparation and layout, and begin to examine basic procedures, such as wet on wet, wet on dry and dry on wet techniques and when to use them, in order to complete a composition. They will also explore various simple or unusual tools, as well as brushes, and practice the different effects or textures these various tools and methods are capable of, and how and when to apply them. The course will also touch on areas such as choice of color, color mixing, masking, and stamping. This class will take the mystery, and the anxiety, out of this medium and encourage new and developing watercolor artists. Material list will be provided.

Mondays, MAY 4 - 25 | 5:30 - 7:30pm

Cost: $65
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with Robert Chapla

This is a class for those interested in developing skill and techniques for painting on sites outdoors. The instructor will demo and teach primarily using oil paints, but it is also possible to use acrylics or watercolor. The first class will meet at Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall where materials and methods will be discussed as well as questions answered. A painting will be done at this class outdoors in and around that site. Locations for future painting sites will be established. Participants will need an easel suitable for outdoor use, set of oil or other paints, brushes, odorless turps and bottle for them (if using oil paints), rag or paper towels, and small canvas or board to paint on. E-mail with questions.

Tuesdays, APR 21 - May 19 | 1 - 5pm

Cost: $95
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with Jennifer Grossi, D&J Music

Music, rhythm and movement exploration for ages 3-5 and their caregivers. Lessons include: World Music, Feel The Beat, and Move To The Groove (dance/ movement). The last 10 minutes of each session (rotating each week), individual tots will get a private lesson with one of our teachers to help them and their caregivers learn ways to greater foster their unique interests and motivations at home. Other participants are invited to stay and play during this time and keep on groovin’ with the instruments and song resources we provide!

Tuesdays, APR 28 - Jun 2 | 10:30 - 11am

Cost: $30 (family discounts available)
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with Beth Harwood

Create a beautiful seamless wet-felted purse with a shoulder strap or handle. In this one-day intensive workshop, explore the wonderful and versatile qualities of wool fiber while employing techniques that date back more than 3500 years! Students will learn the basics of laying out and felting in 3-D using a resist. No felting experience is necessary. Please note that this class requires standing for long periods of time.. Materials included.

Saturday, May 9 | 9am - 5pm

Cost: $86
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Galumpha performs acrobatic modern dance emphasizing shape-building in which one performer lifts the other two off the ground. The resulting poses appear as spectacular feats of physical strength, but in fact are more reliant for their success on skeletal cantilevering than on brute force. The Galumpha performers create pieces collaboratively through choreographic games and long brainstorming sessions. Mutual trust, regarding both physical and emotional safety, is paramount. Workshops are classes in creative movement, acrobatic lifting, and dance composition. Galumpha personnel carefully guides partcipants through warm up exercises, and then move on to choreographic games, trust and awareness exercises, and elementary acrobatic partnering. Come experience the joy that comes from the free expression of creativity!

Friday, May 15 | 3pm & Saturday, May 16 | 1pm

Cost: FREE! - Thank you to our sponsors The NH Charitable Foundation and the NH State Council on the Arts

Please let us know your coming by calling 603.989.5500 or by emailing